Transfered Domain to DreamHost - a Big Problem

Hello guys I need your help as soon as possible.
Today I transferred the domain to DreamHost. I have also a Website hosted on “EasyHost” (not “DreamHost” yet). So domain is now at “DreamHost” and wordpress website is at “EasyHost” allright.

Now the major problem.
First of all I can NOT access a website, it is offline. Moreover, all the emails which were redirected to does NOT work! This makes me crazy. I would like to know:

  1. How can I bring the website ON
  2. How can I fix the redirected e-mails @domain.

I am wondering, because in DreamHost control panel->Domains->Manage Domains: I can see my with adnotation “DNS Only” (below Web Hosting column). So if it is only DNS and my website is at diffrent server/host, why the hack website is down and all the redirected emails do NOT work? I tryed to create Email address (e.x and redirect to in DreamHost panel, but the redirection does not work, only 1st address like works, and does NOT. What is going on?

Please help me resolve this such a big problem.
Thank You

Problem solved.

While transferring a domain to DreamHost, remember to add ns name on your old domain hosting such as, ns2… and ns3…
More over when the domain is transferred to DreamHost, it is time to add a “custom DNS record”. To do this, go to “Manage Domains” in DreamHost Control Panel -> Under your domain click DNS (it will redirect to another page).
Now from that page find “Add a custom DNS record to your_domain” and fill the fields:

  1. Name: www
  2. Type: A
    3)Value: IP address of your hosting (if website is on diffrent host than DreamHost)
    Click “Add Record Now!”

Now add another custom DNS record:
1)Name: (leave this empty/ just skip this field)
2) Type: A
3) Value: IP address of your hosting (if website is on diffrent host than DreamHost)
Click “Add Record Now!”

Now You will have to wait like up to 9 hours. After x hours domain will be up.

Mails were resolved by changing a MailServer in DreamHost panel, I changed for “Google App for Business” mail, the MX records where created automatically by DreamHost so I had to wait around 4 hours till the emails worked.

I hope that helps to those who had a same issue!
Take care.