Alright so I have someone who wants to transfer a domain and site from a different designer to me. I have put in a transfer request and they have aproved it however now it says; Approval email sent to
You must click the link in that email for the transfer process to continue…I am totally confused. All so did this for another site and it still isn’t showing up under my manage my domain tab? Can anyone help?


Before you try to transfer a domain, you need to do the following:
Turn off privacy (domainsbyproxy setup)
Unlock the domain
Get the Authorization code

Did you check for mail wherever that domainsbyproxy address forwards to?

Here’s the Wiki entry:



That is my problem, I don’t know where it does foward to! I have the auth code and it should be unlocked and the other comp. approved it. Can you HELP? Thanks


During the transfer approval process that Dreamhost uses, Dreamhost insists that someone click on the link that they email to the domain owner’s email as listed at the original registrar.

We’re just fellow customers here so we’re just telling you what we understand of Dreamhost’s policies as we’ve experienced them ourselves. You’re free to contact them yourself, but recommend that you get the owner of the domain to turn off domain privacy and set the email address to a real one so they can click on the link. (or have them set it to yours so you can click on the link)

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Ok, so I’ve put in a transfer in and got the auth code and all that fun stuff. The other company said they have “aproved” the transfer. However I haven’t gotten an e-mail yet and it doesn’t show up in my domain. What’s going on?


Without knowing where that email goes, it’s a real challenge. Again, you’re much better turning off the privacy when you want to transfer. If you’re using Domainsbyproxy, you can go to Domainsbyproxy and log in to see what the email settings are.

In the mean time, you can send a message to Support here and see if they know where the process is hung up.