I am trying to transfer one of my domains to another host but when I tryed it keeps on coming back as failure. I know it is happening on dreamhosts side. Are they trying to force me to stay or something because I am still staying but with only 1 domain name? I still have another. The host I am moving to is telling me to contact them but the live support is never up and it seems like they never answer my e-mails. maybe i might just leave all together.

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You know that when you make a transfer, you need to approve it through the panel?

This system is in place to prevent an unauthorized transfer of a domain. Sure beats having the domain locked.

[quote]the live support is never up


I think that’s a long-ceased service not yet removed from the UI. I’ve never seen it up since I’ve been here - over a year.

I’ve been here for just about a year now, and have actually seen the live chat up a couple of times. Not rescently mind you, but I even got a chance to use it. As I recally they turned it on when support que was down in 60 or 80 and it was late in the evenning.

It makes sense that they’re not going to turn it on when there’s a heavy load as it is now - that wouldn’t be fair. But don’t give up faith, I think we’ll see it back in action eventually.


Thanks for the info.