Transfer whole website


I’m fairly new to all this and I was trying to move a website from an other domain to here.
I have an activated account and transferred all my files through an FTP server. But now I was wondering how to proceed.
-How do I transfer my mysql database to Dreamhost because if I connecto to mysql.mydomain I’m still referred to my previous host.

  • I have set up a subdomain and was able to insert my mysql database over there but when I go to I get an error establishing database connection.

Anyone can help me on this?

Thanks in advance.


To manage MySQL database, go to DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL

You can create new MySQL hostname and databases there.

To transfer your database, I’ll suggest you dump the entire database from your old domain and import it to your new domain.

This article should help to migrate your database. Remember to setup your database in DH first.

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thanks for the feedback.
I’ve gone through that article before and tried to long way to transfer my mysql database.
The problem however is with the import.
When I click on the ‘phpmyadmin’ under goodies -> mysql I’m redirected to my ‘old’ host and not to the dreamhost database. This is normal I think since the nameserver on the old host are not referring to dreamhost yet. If I would do that, I would have access to it once it has changed, but then my current website at my old host is not accessible for visitors anymore. Correct?

Thanks in advance for the help.

With kind regards,

In addition:

on my old website I made a DNS entry that mysql.mydomain has to point to but even with that it doesn’t solve my problem.

Any idea? needs the A record IP address for your database. Go to the panel here under Domains -> Manage Domains and click the DNS link next to your domain. Scroll down until you find the IP address for your database subdomain. That’s what you should enter at your other website.


Thanks for the info, I think it worked :slight_smile: