Transfer unsupported top level domains

I know that DH only allows registration of the biggies, .com, .net, etc. If I want to register an unsupported domain through an appropriate registrar, but host the site at DH (sharing as a part of my currently existing hosting plan) is that possible?

How would that work? There have been previous posts that allude to this happening, but I couldn’t find anything explicitly so.


If you can, at your registrar, just change the nameservers for your domain to,, and Then all you have to do is add hosting at dreamhost via the control panal at Domains>>Manage Domains>Add a Domain / Sub-Domain.

I have several sites set up that way, both for domains and for subdomains.

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As mentioned in another thread, it is a good idea to add the domain to the hosting system before changing the name servers to etc. This prevents any possible domain hijacking by your fellow DreamHost customers, not that this is likely to happen, but it is better to be safe. :wink:

Also, if your domain is of the type or etc. you may (or may not :wink: ) need to take an extra step or two when adding the domain to the hosting system. If you have any problems with this, post back here and I’m sure someone will detail the steps required.


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I can’t vouch for domains, but adding a domain to the hosting system was no different to adding a .com domain. :wink:

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Thanks for the answers! DH should include this specifically in their wiki, since it’s at the least, ambiguous.

I have use Dreamhost for a (Indonesian TLD) and it seems ok so far.

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