Transfer Sites Between DH Accounts


My company has two DH Accounts. I am tasked with moving a website from the older account, to the newer account. The purpose is to consolidate accounts.

I have read the article “Move_Domain_Between_Accounts” several times and don’t find it informative enough to proceed or I simply don’t understand it I suppose.

I have printed out all email addresses in the account. I know I will have to download any emails on the system prior to moving it, and must download the FTP site contents.

I believe I must then go to the newer account and request a transfer from the old into it. I am not sure what this does for me, does this also move the hosted web site over? Or does it simply move the registration of the site? Do I have to do something else to move the site listing over too?

It is my hope, to sit down, transfer the account, and then start rebuilding it on the new account. I wonder how soon I can begin to do so, after the transfer request.

Any help would be appreciated. The less vague the better.



I would contact support via the panel and ask them to assist consolidating the two accounts into one. They prefer that each “customer” only have “one account” anyway.