Transfer site to site using filezilla


downloaded fz -all good.

logged in - all good.

now i am just trying to transfer to using fz and i have no idea how to go about this.

i don’t want to change directory names.

i don’t want to use mirror.

i want to upload the entire site - all files from to using fz.

i am doing this because name is not good and is the domain name i like and want to use. goal is to have all the content on site1 to be on site2 - so my posts will read

i am assuming the ftp transfer will work (shell whatever).

thanks so much for your help.


I would mirror the site on your machine then copy-upload to your new domain.
That way you have a local backup copy if things go wrong.

I’m not too familiar with FileZilla though, I use WiseFTP (which is licensed software).


Hm. A few ideas…

Why don’t you want to use mirror? It’s the quickest way…

You only need to go to the DH Web Panel > Manage Domains > Add New Domain, then scroll to the bottom and use the Mirrored option: place as your “new” domain and then select from the dropdown. This will actually get you both domains pointing to the same place and use both addresses.

Then you will need to fix your links. You didn’t say if you’re using WordPress for your site or if it’s just a static website. WordPress is not so easy to “automatically” change the domain name. Here is a list of the procedures to do that:

or apparently there is a script for that, too:

If you’re using a static website, of course you will need to change everything manually, unless you have been clever enough to do all links relative :slight_smile:

I haven’t used FileZilla for a long, long time, but I’m pretty sure that what FileZilla will do is what @Saldash said. It will copy everything from to your computer first, and then you upload everything back to DreamHost into the new location (for

If you want to avoid this, and if you’re familiar with the Unix command-line shell, you can do everything on DreamHost’s side — it will be much faster. You can log in to, change to the directory, and then use

rsync -av* .

to copy everything from one place to the other; “username” is the username you have for FTP for Remember, you will have to go to the DH Web Panel and enable SSH for “username” for this to work.

If you’re not comfortable with the Unix command-line shell then your best option is doing exactly what @Saldash said… it will take longer, but you’ll get a copy of the whole site on your disk as a bonus :slight_smile:



no seriously, I am just deciding to use the old “copy and paste” method. I was mainly just trying to avoid having to re-arrange the links, downloading plugins, etc. but this stuff is way over my head.

I don’t want to use the mirror because I don’t know how that impacts seo and the whole “renaming” the directory just isn’t my thing, plus then all these scripts and all this other stuff. forget it.

thanks though for your valuable time.


there is a “move to” which will let you move from a server directory to a server directory, or you can do it from the shell prompt.

in general FTP clients are designed for transfer to and from server not server to server, but there is a “move to” that can be used IF it’s the same shell user.


Please double check the file permissions after you move the site to the new server. Right click on the file or directory in filezilla will bring up the permission dialog box for you.