Transfer site problem 60 days

I have about 10 sites to be transferred.
for 2 of these sites have a problem because I do not know if I can transfer them.
I have a renewed 17/7/2008 while the other I registered on 17/6/2008, and then goes out the 60 days.

I can record them equally or are there problems?

The 17/7/2008 shouldn’t be a problem, but the 17/6/2008 will have to wait.

If you paid for hosting here, you can still host all of your sites here, even if it is not registered here.


hence also the site I renewed this month they may transfer the same?
the problem is for the site registered last month, right?

You can transfer the renewed domain. Yes, the problem is for the new registered domain.

Where you register the domain, and where you host the website can be different. While you wait for the 60 days to end, you can still host both websites and email here.


I know I can do hosting you also, unfortunately my current maintainer did not manage dns

I can begin to transfer the older sites. to that recorded in June appearance next month.

for each domain transferred have to pay $ 9.95 even if it still must end with the old maintainer?

Domain registrations are $9.95 per year. When you transfer here, they add one year to what you already paid for at the old place. Your registration will transfer here right away with the extra time added to it.