Transfer Site Files to DH via FileZilla

I am looking to transfer my site files from Blue Host to Dream Host. I am logged into the FTP at BH and at DH. I am not sure what files to move and where into the directory in order to begin hosting at Dream Host. I know this is a basic question, I just do not want to mess it up more. My site already is giving a server error.

You can’t transfer files from one host to another via FTP. You’ll need to download them to your local machine from BH, and then upload them to DH.

When you log into DH with FileZilla, you should see a structure that looks something like this:

Anything you drop in that last directory will be visible at “

“ftpuser” is the user name you set up in your DreamHost panel.

I’m not sure if there is a way to transfer files from one host to another via the command line. (Worth checking into if the amount of data you have to transfer is large.)

Learn the power of ssh my friends. You can tar.gz up the directory at bluehost and then wget it to your directory of choice and uncompress it to the proper folder. Google is your friend for ssh commands but this page may help you out. The command at the very bottom is what you want to use. I use putty to connect via ssh but I’m sure there are other things…

Ryo-ohki is right, this is the way to do it. It’s many times faster to transfer server to server as he describes. It’s a server to server transfer, and it can occur in seconds, as opposed to the hours you can spend downloading and re-uploading individual files.