Transfer registration from

Hi, I know just enough to get myself into trouble, without knowing enough of how to get out. Can someone give me a hand?

I have a domain registered on and hosted by DreamHost. I want to move that registration to DreamHost as well. I’m worried about losing all of the content of my site, and don’t really trust that when I back up my site, that it will all come back up looking the same.

Can someone walk me through how to transfer registration from to DreamHost?

Thanks for your time and help!


Thankfully this isn’t too hard and we’ll offer plenty of assistance if you have any troubles while moving it the domain.
To transfer a domains registration it must be already registered for 60 days plus.
I checked yours and they are going to expire in Feb, so you’ll be able to transfer it.
We have a step by step wiki on what you need to do to transfer for it here:
Since your name servers are already pointing to us, there shouldn’t be any data loss.
If you have any questions regarding the transfer please let me know. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Justin. That was really helpful. It took some work to figure out how to unlock the domain in, but I think everything went smoothly.

Here’s a question on whether, and how, the two data sets will be merged when we transfer the registration for this domain. My wife started a blog at and her dashboard still shows posts 1-76. Then we transferred the hosting in late March 2012, and the first post that shows in her dashboard is what she calls #77.

So when we transfer the registration, will the two data sets be merged, and she’ll see posts 1 through n, all in the same dashboard? I think the answer is no, which is why we need to export her old posts and import them into the architecture running on DH. But then if we import the exported files, won’t that write over what’s already there? Is there any way to append to the data set instead of overwriting it?

Again, thanks for your time and help. Like I said, I know just enough to get into trouble but not enough to get out.


Your blog is already hosted on Dreamhost? You’ve already moved your hosting from Wordpress to DH, right? If you are just moving domain registration, that has nothing to do with the actual blog. It’s just an entry in a database that points to a server IP address which contains the actual blog. You can shift that to any registrar you like and, as long as the name servers aren’t changed, it will have no effect whatsoever on your actual site.

Assuming you did transfer your hosting correctly, i.e. moved your files and database to DH, then your new posts will be in the database at DH and anything that you left on Wordpress will slowly gather cobwebs until you or they delete it.