Transfer questions - unable to add host?



I was recently hired by a group to do a website. I was taking over after they dropped a previous web designer, who had ownership of the site’s domain name. Last Saturday, the previous designer and I arranged everything for the transfer from his account to mine. It went fine, and I was told that it would take 7-10 days for the transfer to be complete. Being a fairly new designer - this is the first time I have ever done a transfer.

Anyway - the site was active and fine (the older variation done by the previous designer was still up), but today I noticed it went down. I imagined this had something to do with the fact that it was being transferred. I -think- I’ll have to add hosting myself.

So, at first I thought maybe the transfer was done earlier than estimated. (I did the transfer saturday, and so 7 days later would have been friday.) I can see the DN under my 'registered" domains, as well as an option to ‘add’ hosting. I went to add hosting, but was told that I do not have permission to do so.

I figured this meant that the transfer was not yet done. But then, why is the site down? Is this a normal thing to happen during the transfer process? How do I know for sure that the transfer is done?

Sorry if these are very rudimentary questions - but as I said, I’m still fairly new with all this.


Are the nameservers still pointing to the other developer’s account (and he deleted his copy)?


This is probably a completely n00b question, but how can I tell if the nameservers are still pointing to his account?


Anyone got any idea at all?


If his account was also a dreamhost account you are going to have to open a support ticket and ask them to help, because nameservers would show the same for both of your accounts.

If his was elsewhere use any 3rd party whois server to look up the domain, and that make give you some clues. I normally just pick this one, because I have it bookmarked. It will show you both who the domain is registered to (maybe) an after that it will show 3 nameservers near the bottom of the listing.


That’s an interesting scenario. From what I can tell, there’s no restriction or verification on domain ownership when you choose to host a domain. As long as the registrar is pointing to DH’s nameservers, there doesn’t seem to be anything to prevent any DH customer from hosting that domain. If two customers both try to host the same domain, then the site would go down? That would be an interesting way to bring down a site without having to resort to DDOS!

Am I missing something? I’ve never had to verify ownership of any domains that I host and most are registered outside of DH.


The error message that I think the OP is referring to when you try to add hosting to an account that belongs (or in this case belonged) to another dreamhost customer is:

This prevents someone else from adding one of MY domains to their account. Dreamhost leaves the door open tho to unknown domains being added to an account to permit people to set up domains in advance of a DNS transfer. The problem comes in when domain’s are transfered…OR where we have seen it before in posts here is when someone registers a domain that happaned to be available but someone else owned ‘awhile ago’ and happans to still be in the dreamhost system on someone else’s account.

What I think happaned in this OP’s case is the domain itself got transferred to his account, but there are still remnants of that domain on another account which is preventing him from adding hosting for it. If that’s the case a support ticket will probably help get it off the other account, so he can add hosting on his.