Transfer ownership of domains AWAY from Dreamhost

I have 2 domains I need to give to someone else. I believe this involves 2 steps:

  1. transferring the DNS to a numerical address they gave me;

  2. transferring ownership (registration) of the domain names themselves;

These seem like separate steps. How is each done?


Transferring ownership is the only step required. (The new owner can change DNS settings once they have ownership of the domain.)

To do this, you will need to make sure the domain is unlocked and hasn’t been registered or transferred in the last 60 days, then get the domain’s transfer authorization code from the “Domains: Reg. Transfer” section of the DreamHost Panel and give that to the new owner. They will be able to use that at the new domain registrar to request a transfer.


Does RENEWAL of a registration within 60 days block a transfer?

Not at DreamHost. I have heard that some other domain registrars claim that a recent renewal will also block a domain from being transferred, but there is no technical reason for that to happen.