Transfer or let expire?


I have a domain that I registered roughly a year ago with registerfly. They simply suck, and I’m very happy with the subsequent domains I’ve registered/hosted with DH. I will be moving the other domain to DH in March, and want to host it here too. My question is, should I apply for transfer, or just let it expire and resign up for it as a new account with DH. I want to take advantage of the 777 deal again like I did on my first DH site. What’s the best way to handle this, and am I missing anything? Thanks in advance!

If it were me, and I did not want to lose the domain name, then I would transfer it. (But thats just me)

I recommend that you don’t let it expire becuase you risk that somebody else picks it up.

You can’t have another “777” plan, but the plan you already have has room for more than one domain, so you can just add this domain into the plan you already have.

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