Transfer of existing domain name to DreamHost

Hi there

I have an existing domain name ( which I transferred to my DreamHost account last Friday evening. To do this I accessed the domain management of my existing domain and redirected the name servers to the ones listed in my DreamHoset Web Panel.

So far, some 84 hours later, the move does not seem to have worked???

All I will mainly use this domain for is email forwarding. However, I have also put up a small index file at so that I can test online to see if the migration to DreamHost servers has worked successfully.

Still, no joy.

Is there anything else I need to do, or anything that I may have done incorrectly? (Note: I copied and pasted the name server and IP addresses into my existing domain management, so, theoretically, that removed the chance for error of entering that information.)



The nameserver entry still has not updated, according to WHOIS (UNIX command: whois

This is probably an issue with your registrar and you’ll have to track it down there.


Thanks, will look into it at that end.

Its maybe worthwhile resubmitting the request in case its just not gone through for some reason.

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monkeyboy was right. Here is the email I just received from my registrar…

"Hi Liam,

Thank you for your email.

It appears the registry did not pick up on these changes. I have been able to log into the registry and manually update these for you.

Unfortunately this will take a further 24-48 hours to update."

That last line is a little bit frustrating! So long as it sorts itself in the end…

Your WHOIS entry has updated. Knock yourself out.


Yeah, it started working not long after my registrar wrote back to me. My old emails from the last few days have been arriving in dribs and drabs.

All good now!

Being a n00b to all this I’m glad that I followed the right procedure and set things up correctly at my end.

Thanks for the help to all who replied.

Cheers Liam