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I have a domain that I bought through Yahoo a long time ago, The “owner” of the domain is Networksolutions. I pay Yahoo $35 a year so I can receive my designer email on their servers. I paid Networksolutions a fee to own the domain name for the next 10 years. Networsolutions allows me to redirect to whatever host I want by changing the DNS numbers myself. Yahoo still charges me $35 a year to use their site.

Well, I am tired of paying Yahoo prime price for that. I know I can transfer to Dreamhost for a smaller fee and attach the domain to my regular account. My questions are,

Where would I be receiving the email I am currently receiving on Yahoo?

Will be attached to my DH domain?

Will it be a totally different account?

Will my website be still available?

Can I just do a forward so whenever either of my domains is typed in, the user will be taken to just one website?

How do I get all this accomplished?

Please explain this in non-technical terms as I read wiki and the reg. transfer on the DH site and I understood zero. is really my main email address and I don’t want to lose important emails by making a mistake.

Thanks for your patience with me.



I’m not sure what smaller fee you’re talking about because all you need to do is change the hosting for your domain, leaving the domain registration where it is now (since you registered for 10 years).

Yes will be a new domain attached to your existing dreamhost account.

Nope, same account

Hmm. This question confuses me. I was thinking that you’d be moving all your website files to dreamhost from yahoo.

Yes, there are several ways of forwarding your domain to another domain. But did you want users to actually be forwarded to a single domain or did you just want the same content on both domains, but with the URL in the browser still showing two different domains?

Hey, anytime. All of us are here because we like helping people!

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Geez, bring it here. If you already have a DreamHost hosting account, then you only have to pay for registration here:

When you do move a domain to a new host, there’s always some disruption in mail and host traffic.

You site looks pretty static, so you probably don’t have a database to worry about. Just set up your domain content here before the transfer and nobody will notice.

For email, I suggest you temporarily set up your Netsol domain to forward mail to a separate account (Gmail, etc) until the transfer propagates (about a week’s time).

To answer your questions:
Your email will be in limbo during the transfer unless you first set it to forward elsewhere. After the transfer, it’ll arrive here.
4san will be hosted at DreamHost once you create a Fully Hosted Domain and set your DNS servers to the DreamHost ones.
If you already have a hosting account here, 4san will be part of that account.
Your website will always be available if you set it up here before the switchover. No need to forward your domain anywhere.

To sum up:

  1. Forward current incoming mail to another account
  2. Create a Fully Hosted Domain and Mailboxes here
  3. Copy your website to your new domain here
  4. Set your DNS servers to, ns2…etc.
  5. Initiate a registration transfer here.



i’m also prepping for a new account here with multiple domains to transfer and so, my answer to brionews may need correction, but i think his concerns were of another nature.

as i read the question, he wants to know if his accumulated email, perhaps on yahoo’s server, will transfer with a change of host… it’s that email he is afraid of losing (if my read is correct)

i guess the question is where is email for yahoo domain hosting stored. if his whole domain file and data structure is stored in his account directory, then he will have to download his site’s data (obviously). i’m sure that some people do a transfer from one host to another without making a complete image prior to the switch.

so, i don’t know where email data (address books, inbox, etc.) is stored, but i hope you will get it all before throwing the switch to transfer.

if i misunderstood, just ignore this…