Transfer of domain FROM DreamHost

I’m looking to try DreamHost for a year and within signup expect to register a domain with them.

If after a year I use the hosting plan enough to justify $120 I will continue to use them. No problems there. If however I decide that I would like to change hosts to something cheaper (but obviously not as good value), would I incur a charge if I wanted to transfer my domain as well?

I’ve read the Wiki FAQ’s and I know there is no charge for transferring a domain to DreamHost, except the 1 year registration charge, but is there a charge transferring FROM DreamHost?

All help appreciated. Thanks.

Transfer a domain away from a registrar to another one is always free (at least with big5 TLDs).

There is a little restriction : you have to wait 60 days after a registration or transfer to do so.

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Thanks for clearing that up moua.

Just for future reference:

To transfer a domain from Dreamhost, you do the following:

  • Go to Domains -> Registrations in the panel
  • Unlock your domain by clicking “Yes” under locked
  • At your new registrar initiate the transfer
  • When asked for an auth code, go to Domains -> Reg. Transfer and copy the code there

It’s as simple as that!

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