Transfer of account responsibility?

I am sorry to report that Christine Clouse, my co-author and maintainer of our joint blogs (at and ) as well as hostess of Enlightened Dreams ( ), also known as Crys Clouse, passed on this Thursday :frowning:

Basically I’m calling as her co-author since I was a junior member of our shared domain (?),, and I’m unaware of any way in which the site might be maintained. I’d be willing to pay for the site’s maintenance, as her mother is not “clued-in” to the Internet and I don’t want to lose all her good works … these included our blogs ( The Ramblings and Musing of Edward Yee, and Crys’ Babblings), as well as a collective museblog, and our various written works) …

Might anyone here please help with this dilemma? I’m willing to take up the necessary payments to DreamHost, if that’s allowed …

I’m sorry to hear that. Contact support about this (via the sales form on the main DreamHost site).

Pray tell, where might I find this? I’ve never used DH until now …

i believe he’s talking about this page:


I asked them something like this, no reply yet …

Nothing yet, apparently … :frowning:

P.S. Already noticed smilie-icons start to “404” from our shared fanwork page :frowning: (though they came back when individually opened and refreshed)

Okay, here’s a question: Is there any way that the administration here could, through cooperation with her mother, get a change of the billing address? :slight_smile:

(I don’t know the screenname or password of Crys Clouse, nor does the mother, so we can’t alter it ourselves, although her mother would vouch for it.)

One other thing - if you know the credit card number used to pay for the account, this will help a lot.

I am sorry for your loss, really. Reading this puts a human face behind another MBTA train accident.

While I know you’d like to take over the account (hopefully Dreamhost will be able to work that out off-line for you). I thought I’d just mention that, since you are using MovableType, you can easily export all of your postings from MT and import them into a new account. Just in case you want to do that.

Best of luck.

Sorry to revive this topic, but now I need to know Crys’ username and password to get into the server by FTP (her server is , right?) because now MT has totally failed on me …

Have you transferred the account yet (by contacting support)?

I have not so yet; the rest of the server is up, as is my blog, but I cannot log into it.