Transfer hosting of domain

hello . till now i had one domain on krify hosting. now i wanted to transfer the hosting (only hosting) to dreamhost. i changed the name server details on krify control panel to and and

and now i went to this page:
domains>> manage domains >> host new domain.

then i clicked submit. it said please wait and returned to the old page.

are the steps followed by me correct. ??? if so, will the hosting be forwarded to dreamhost within 24 hours. i am very skeptical if this will work or have i done this properly.

please help me.

On the face of it, you’ve done the right things. Now all that’s left is to actually upload or transfer your content or do a one-click install or whatever you need to do to get your stuff up there.

If you don’t do any of that, your success will be marked by being able to hit the site with your browser and get the infamous directory listing. :slight_smile:

BTW, when you went to the “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain” page, did you specify to fully host the domain?

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