Transfer hosting between two domains?

I have 2 domains under one Dreamhost account: one fully hosted and one parked. Can I switch the roles of the two? How can I transfer the hosting to the other domain?


Make the parked one Fully Hosted under the same FTP user as your current fully hosted one. That will create an domain in that directory where your domain is. Once that’s done, FTP to your server and change the directory names with renames:
Rename to example2.hold
Rename to
Rename example2.hold to

Once your “new” domain is up and working, go back and park the old domain. Parking won’t erase the hosted directory, so you’ll still see it in FTP. I like this in case I want to unpark that domain and make it live again.

I have a similar problem, I think. I am a total newbie.

I registered a domian and had hosting with Dreamhost that I never used. It expired long ago. About six months ago, I registered 3 other domains and now, finally, I want to start using one of them.

My admin panel has the old domain name listed in the hosting section.

How do I move one of my new domains to hosting?


Ah… I was concerned because I thought making a second domain Fully Hosted meant paying for another hosting plan. Thank you!!

You can host an unlimited number of domains on your plan.

This thread just made me feel dumb.
But it was good info (that I should’ve already known). Glad I found it.

Thanks for clarifying sdayman. :slight_smile: