Transfer google/blogger domain to new dreamhosted wordpress


So I’ve seen a few similar threads to this question (like this one) but none that address this situation exactly as far as I can tell… Or maybe I just don’t know how to apply the advice to my predicament. Apologies if this is redundant.

Anyway my website is currently hosted on blogger and the domain is registered through Google/enom (, but recently we decided to switch platforms to wordpress so I set up a wordpress site hosted through dreamhost. But I had to do this while the original domain was still up on blogger so we wouldn’t have any downtime on the site…

I spent the past couple weeks designing the new wordpress site on a subdomain through dreamhost ( and now it’s ready to go so I’m trying to figure out how to switch the domain from blogger/google over to dreamhost so that is the new wordpress site as opposed to the old blogger one. Also I have google apps functionality like email ect already set up with the old domain and I’d like to keep all of that stuff in tact of course.

This might be a simple switch but I don’t have the slightest idea how to do it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


Is there a way to keep the old google apps control panel intact and just continue using it as opposed to transferring to dh and just only transfer the domain name instead? because every time I try to migrate my control panel over to dh from google apps I keep getting a message saying
"Unfortunately it appears your old host’s panel does not have a backup feature enabled or is not running cPanel so we won’t be able to migrate your data over automatically. Please contact them to enable this feature on their panel and then try your migration again by clicking the export button here:"

even though I’ve turned on the backup access feature (…enabled API access on the google apps control panel?) and it still doesn’t let me migrate. So if it’s easier to somehow transfer the domain name over to dreamhost and leave all the email and things running through google then I’m fine. The priority is really getting the domain over to dreamhost without wiping out the wordpress i have uploaded on here


Go to

You could set up to mirror

Once done, you will need to update the DNS settings to point to Dream host’s DNS servers.

You will need to ensure that the DNS settings you have with enom continue to point any sub domains to relevant Google apps. Also the MX records for email should continue to point to Gmail.


Thanks! I’ll try that it seems like it will work.



So I set up as a domain in dreamhosts mirroring

then I went to google/enom domain settings and made sure the relevant domain name servers pointed to,, and

I then removed from the blogger account, so the old website is only

Now when I try to go to however, all that shows up is a:
"404. That’s an error.

The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know."

Can I just assume this is regular downtime and it takes a few hours to transfer over to the mirror, or does this mean i did something wrong?


It looks like it’s all working now :slight_smile: So it was probably just DNS waiting to catch up with the new location.

Nice theme :slight_smile: