Transfer gmail with domain

Hello, I am quite lost, please help. We have domain registered with DH account and now for some reason the domain was moved to another account (well, actually domain was deleted from one account and added to another). Site seems to be setup but emails are not working, of course.

Now, I can set up new email account for this domain and it works. But, previously we used gmail accounts for this domain. What steps should I follow to activate these gmail emails with the same domain (but different DH account)? I haven’t set up the emails on the other account myself so I am not sure how it was done. I checked the forum and wiki here but I am not able to follow the steps. For example, on this page: they say:
***** Under the “Fully Hosted” section, click on the checkbox next to the GMail logo that says “Use Gmail for all email” ****
but I don’t see this option there. I just see:
**** Use Google Apps for Business for your email at this domain. (Google may charge you to use this feature.) *****

Is this “the same” checkbox"? Or I am missing something? Any help really appreciated, I am quite new to these things. THANKS!

Yes, that’s the same checkbox — the labelling has just changed a little bit, as the Google Apps service has changed. Since it sounds as though you already had the service active on your domain, though, you should be fine.

Thanks, I just checked the checkbox. I hope this is all I should do. Will test in several hours and post the result here. Thanks for helping! Patrik.