Transfer from GoDaddy


An acquaintance of mine has come to me, “the IT guy”, to help him change his web host from GoDaddy to DreamHost. The problem is, my IT expertise is primarily hardware with a little networking. Web hosting is completely foreign to me, at least until this morning when I started researching. The basic transfer process seems fairly straight forward from what I’ve been reading, but there are a few details that are a bit intimidating. I really don’t want to botch the whole operation lol.

That said, what do I need to know about his website and/or GoDaddy before I start? Is there a preferred method of backing up the web files? I see DH’s uses Debian Linux for their OS. Would it matter if he uses Windows at the old host? What are these “web panels” I keep reading about and how do they work? I’m sure there is quite a bit I’m unaware of as I’m relatively new to all this. I’ve looked around for a detailed guide of some sort, but I can’t seem to find one that I can understand. If you think of anything newbies tend to not know about, feel free to bring it up.

Any advice, links or words of encouragement are most appreciated, hehe. Thanks!


Hah! I just found this link in another thread.

It’s answered my web panel question. I can’t set up an account here yet, as it won’t actually be mine. Is there a video or sample panel I can look at to familiarize myself with?


User: demo
Pass: demo

thanks for sharing this link, such a big help…