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I have a site in a blog content management registration (like and I wanted to transfer it to my new dreamhost domain and hosting. Can I do this through the Mirroring option? I’m not sure which transfer option to use.

I want to have the old blog design up until I put together the new one. I also want to shut down my old account at squarespace.

On a side note: Squarespace lets me download an .xml version of my blog. I guess if worse comes to worse, I can just use that?

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did you try looking in the wiki?


Yes, I did. The thing is …there are no .html files to transfer. It is a pre-set layout and the only thing I have direct access to are the content files and an .xml version of the blog. That is why I asked about Mirroring. But it seemes Mirroring can only be done with another dreamhost domain?


Correct — the DreamHost “mirror” option only works with domains that are already hosted here. It’s basically just a way to make one domain that we host use all the same settings as another one.

I’m afraid it’s not actually possible to cleanly “transfer” a site from SquareSpace — they retain copyright to the layout, so you’ll have to redesign the site to host it here. (All part of their cunning business plan, I suppose!) The XML file probably contains the text of your posts, but it’s likely to be in a proprietary format. Worst case, you may have to manually copy and paste your posts out of the file (by opening the XML file in a text editor) to get them out.



I wanted to see if it was worth the energy + time to transfer the old site or just focus on the new design.

Alrighty, well thanks you!