Transfer form Old Hosting


Hi, I’m new to DreamHost.

I already have a domain name and previously hosted with another hosting provider. Now, I bought a share host on DreamHost and wanted to host files for current domain. My question is…

1.) Is there any way to use my domain name with DreamHost without domain transfer?

When I try to add my domain with “Add New Domain” option, it said “Error! You can’t add that domain: already in our system”.

2.) How can I solve that issue?

In my old host, I need to do two things to setup a host. a.) Change DNS setting in Domain provider’s panel. b.) Add new “Addon Domain” in Hosting provider’s panel. Then done. I didn’t see “Addon Domain” option in DreamHost’s panel.

3.) Can I done with similar way like that?



That error means someone else goofed and accidentally used your domain name when messing around. Support will need to clear it out of the system. Once that’s cleared up, do your step A for changing DNS settings so you’re using DreamHost DNS.


Hi, continuing in this thread, i wonder if you can help me also.
I changed from another host recently to DreamHost.

I use Dreamweaver for my website.

I need to know what to enter as:

FTP host
and Host Directory.

so that Dreamweaver can connect to your server.

I did try the first DNS in that wiki article
but maybe i am not understanding correctly, or the "host directory is wrong. (httpdocs/) as i am still getting FTP error - cannot connect to server


thank you


just ftp to your domain and enter your username and password. that will take you to your account directory. each of your domains will be a directory there.

directory: (home/username)/


This article will give you some general ideas.