Transfer files from one domain to another

I have had a domain hosted on Dreamhost for about a year and recently purchased a second domain with an easier to remember name. Is there any simple way to transfer the files from the old domain to the new one, other than uploading them all one by one since there are so many?

Also is there a way that people who type in the old domain will somehow automatically be transferred to the new domain?

I’m sorry if this is a silly question, I have very little experience with all of this and am lucky I even managed to figure out how to upload files!

rename “” folder to “” folder. this will play the trick.

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As Nathan suggested, the easiest method is to simply rename the web-directory, but note that if any files in your current site refer to absolute file paths (ie: /home/username/ or reference the old domain (ie:, you will need to update these files to reflect the new situation.

Once you have the content working on the new domain, you can set the old domain to ‘re-direct’ to the new domain using the admin panel by going to Domains -> Manage Domains and clicking on the ‘spanner’ in the Web Hosting column for the old domain.


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While you can rename your directory as the others pointed out, keep in mind that doing so will take your old site down immediately.

I’m not too familiar with the shell, but you should be able to use the cp command to copy the files once logged in.

If you don’t mind taking your other site down, by all means rename the folder. You may want to set up redirection immediately though. If you have any concern that paths may be an issue, I would copy it instead of renaming it and debug any issues before taking your old site down.

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Simplest thing is ssh in:

tar -cvf old.tar *
cd …
mv …/ .
tar -xvf old.tar

All completed. Just rename the domain directories to fit yours.

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I think that when you tranfer your website content to a new domain, it takes too much time for google to index the new website correctly. What is your opinion about that?

Redirect 301.

Please is it possible to tranfer domain and email address to another hosting?

yayane, yes. :slight_smile:

We even have a nice doc on how to do it: