Transfer files from one account to another


I have a friend who is allowing me to take over one of her sites that is hosted here. At the moment she has a ton of files uploaded at her accounts hosted on her personal domain.

I will be taking over the running of the site as well as the hosting charges etc. I would like to register a new account here with a new domain and put everything there. Is there any way to transfer all the files from her domain in her account to a new account and domain that I set up?

Or to have the files transferred for me?

It would really save me a lot of downloading and re-uploading. It would be a great help if someone could help me out with the situation! Thank-you!


If you are a Windows user you could use an FTP program like filezilla.

You’d just ftp into the old account and drag all the files over on to your hard drive.
Then in reverse ftp to your new account when it’s fully propagated and drag the files from your hard drive to the new location.
It’s using the same drag and drop method as Windows so it’s only a couple of clicks or three.



I’d go ahead and sign up so your account is ready, then go from there.

If she contacts support, they should be able to just switch it over to you. That would be the way to go, since any other way could probably lead to downtime, due to not being able to add a domain name that’s already in the system.

The owner (her) would have to be the one to initiate it, so she would probably just need your DH ID and the user name you want to run the domain under.

If she’s also signing the domain name over to you, you can just do that through any registrar you choose. Nothing would have to be changed (other than the contact info) since it should already have the DN nameservers listed.

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If you are comfortable (or could get comfortable) using command-line sftp, you could have your friend log into her account via ssh, then initiate an sftp connection to your new hosting space (she’d need your login credentials) to push the files directly from server to server, without leaving dreamhost’s network.


Okay I’ve set up my new account with a new domain name.

How do I go about using command-line sftp? You mentioned ssh and my friend has tried logging in with that but it just comes up with permission denied. She uses CuteFTP, is that program okay or does she need a specific one? She was just going in and selecting ssh with port 22 but it never works.

I think that method would be easiest for the both of us it just doesn’t seem to be working!


If you want quick and easy use FlashFXP (providing you are a Windows user), that’s what I use when transferring files between servers, Dreamhost supports FXP transfers making transfers nice and quick.

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Just let her use Cuteftp, if she’s happy with that program, in ordinary ftp mode via port 21 and with your user/pass she can load in the files. She can just open cuteftp and in the site manager create a new ftp site with the ftp server as the Select normal user not anonymous and enter your user/pass details. The rest of the settings are okay at their default.

sftp (ftp over ssh2) was only mentioned as it’s a more secure way of passing files. I don’t recall that cuteftp supports it, you’d need cuteftp pro for that. But filezilla (which is free and looks like uhm cuteftp) supports sftp.

Of course you can go equally well with the other suggestions here.