Transfer existing domain from 1 accout to another

What would be the easiest way to transfer an existing domain with a lot of data to another account?

I guess I could download and upload everything again but I’d rather not do that.

Is there perhaps a way to .zip everything via SSH, download that on the other account and unzip?

edit: just figured it out:

on the host you want to transfer away from:

zip domain

then move into

on the host you are transferring to:


unzip domain


I’m not sure whether you are moving into DH or moving out of DH. But you may want to refer how to do this in DH.

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thanks, and I found out my method does not work if the domain is too large…

I managed to create a .tar as outlined in the wiki, but it seems I can’t use the “wget” command in SSH to move the .tar file to my new DreamHost account… I get a 403 forbidden message :frowning: