Transfer Drupal to Dreamhost



Hi all,

I’m currently transferring a website from another host to my dreamhost account but I’m facing a problem.
I’ve transferred the files through FTP, transferred the database through phpmyadmin and I edited the drupal settings.php files.

The DNS records haven’t been altered yet so I’ve changed my hosts file on my pc to test the connection.
What I expected was, when I went to my domain, I would get a connection problem (as the mysql connection is using the domain name that is still on the old site). However, I still got the dreamhost ‘coming soon’ page.
When I went to the public_html folder in my domain, I got the connection problem (as expected).

So, now I’m wondering if I’ve forgotten to change something or not. Anyone has any idea?

Thanks in advance!


I’m trying to do the same thing but I cannot figure out how to run the Drupal install.php without using my production domain name. Every other host I have set up has provided some temporary URL to do the setup. I cannot find how to do this on Dreamhost. I have read the instructions about mirroring but among other things they seem to apply to another site on Dreamhost, not to another site on a different host.
Is there something I am missing?