Transfer Dreamhost domain to another Dreamhost user


I have a couple of domains registered with Dreamhost that I no longer want to administer. What I hope to be able to do fairly easily is create a new Dreamhost account for each domain and then transfer each domain to one of the new accounts. I don’t just want to set permissions for this - I want to be completely rid of any sign of these domains from my own Dreamhost account. Then I can just forward the relevant login details to the respective site owners.

Hope this makes sense (!) and that it can be done easily. Any help with this greatly appreciated.

EDIT: OR would it be easier to transfer the domains somewhere else, i.e. away from Dreamhost?


From what I understand, you need account privileges. Hope this helps.


It appears that you are trying to wash your hands of the websites, so what you would be attempting to do is open dreamhost accounts in another users name. Which you can’t do, because you can’t accept the terms of service for another person. That’s before we even talk about payment for the new accounts.

Now if you could get the “respective site owners” to open a dreamhost account, there is documentation on the wiki of how to transfer sites between different dreamhost accounts.


I had another look and found it this time. The answer is to request a domain transfer (Domains > Reg. Transfer) from the new account. Luckily these sites aren’t hosted here or I’d have to rebuild them.

From the wiki (