Transfer Dreamhost domain and email to G-Suite

Has anyone moved a DH domain and IMAP email to Google Gsuite? My worries are

  1. Any delay in the domain transfer?
  2. Are the Google tools that are available able to move the IMAP mail successfully? Of course when it comes to the mail move, the DH side of things will be dead so how can the mail be moved? Of course when doing a move with different domain names I could just open both in an email client and slide the email over to Google.

Only IMAP (years ago, have since moved on from Google services).

For IMAP you can use Google’s inbuilt Data Migration Service which is found inside the superadmin account for your domain.

The migration wizard connects directly to the DH mailserver, so your DH account will still need to be active during this process in order to maintain an active IMAP service – however the domain can be hosted anywhere.

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