Transfer Domain


I registered a domain with dreamhost a while ago. I want to know if they will transfer the domain name back under my own registrar such as namecheap/godaddy?
Or is there already an option alike in account control panel? if so, can somebody teach me how to do it please?

Thank you!

yeah, i got that
but what does it mean by “contact your new resgistrar”?
is it something i do with my dreamhost control panel or in my namecheap/godaddy account?


Go to the website of the registrar that you want to transfer the domain name to. Somewhere on the site you will be able to initiate a transfer of the domain name in question.

Also, be sure that you have access to the administrative e-mail address that is in the WHOIS, there will be confirmation e-mails that are sent out regarding the transfer.

Once you accept and confirm the transfer, your domain should be in the control of the winning registrar within 5 days.

Hope this helps!

Our group has tried several times to get you to transfer a domain.

Failed each time without explanation.

It is hard as hell to get a live person to help—no phone and a very poor problem solving system.

I’ve been having trouble transferring a domain as well. They DO NOT send the confirmation email to the domain’s administrative contact, if I had to guess, they send it to the first email address in the whois info. Which happens to be my registrar. And I’m SURE that at $15/year for my domains, they’d just LOVE to let me transfer them elsewhere.

Meanwhile, my domain expired, so I had to renew it with my old registrar just to get my webpage working again. Now I don’t know what the hell is going on.