Transfer Domain Trouble


I am transfering a Domain from a different hosting company to Dreamhost.

Currently I have gone through the transfer process, having the old hosting dns changed over to DH and approved both companies transfer requests and DH has emailed back that I am fully Hosted and Registered with them.

The Trouble comes now where / how to start my website, I know you obviously place your index.htm or .html file in the parent directory. But when I travel to my Domain it just goes to the “index of /” indexing and doesn’t see the .htm file. The only folders in my server when I log in to it with FTP is Maildir, logs, and I currently just made a folder of ‘’ and put an index in both the root and inside that domain folder but I am still unable to get the index to pick up.

what steps do i need to take to make a root directory for the domain and make it public for everyone to see?


When you FTP or SSH into your domain you will see your domain e.g. That is (unless you changed it) your root document and you can place your index.html in there to start off your web site. Other folders/directories you wish to add can be placed in the folder.

So you will see:-

(Since it is in alphabetical order you may see your domain in a different place)

So clicking on I would enter a blank folder and would start my web site from there.

If you do not see the ‘dot’ files it may just need an option changing in your FTP client.