Transfer domain then point to subdomain

Hey folks,

I’m going to try and explain clearly what I’m trying to do and maybe you can guide me in the best direction.

I have two sites. One currently hosted on DH and another elsewhere. Both with their own domains. I’ve decided I want the second site now hosted as part of my current DH site. It’s not huge so I want to use the space I currently have allocated.

So basically I want to point to .

Whats the best way to go about doing this? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

You could just go ahead and create the subdomain, then upload your site to it. Once you do that and make sure everything is working okay, you could do either of these:

  1. Redirect your other domain to your new sub-domain.

  2. Mirror the subdomain with the other domain name.

If you’re worried about stuff like duplicate content penalties, I’d stick with a redirect.

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thanks seiler.