Transfer Domain Registration from Go Daddy to DreamHost


I have a domain registered with Go Daddy that I would like to transfer to DreamHost. (The site is hosted elsewhere, but I have redesigned it, so I am OK if I loose the site data.)

I also have the domain linked to Google Apps (docs, email, etc.).

How should I go about moving the domain registration to DreamHost such that I don’t break the Google Apps connection and loose Google Apps data (email, docs, etc.)?



The link is, I presume, the MX records that point to Gmail servers. Assuming that to be the case, it shouldn’t be a big deal to move the domain over. The MX records will remain, or you can use the option in the DreamHost control panel to use Gmail.

Remember that, with GoDaddy, if you’re using their Domain By Proxy overpriced private registration, you need to cancel that for the domain first before you prepare for the move. Then go to your GoDaddy control panel, unlock the domain and request the authorization number for use when you register it at DreamHost. Having done it on over two dozen domains, I can tell you that this transfer will take no more than a few hours to complete in most cases, so long as you OK permission letters and check GoDaddy under Domains > Transfers to finish it from their end.

One more thing: It’s not difficult to transfer your site content from GoDaddy to DreamHost if you find you still need to bring over some data.


Thanks for the help! I’ll give the change a shot over the weekend.
I can’t move the site, since it requires ColdFusion, which DreamHost does not offer.
To be quite honest, I am perfectly OK loosing the old site… it was due for a redesign, and I need to make it easier for my team to update it on their own (rather than relying on me).


Send me a PM if you have a problem. But I can’t see that you would.