Transfer domain ownership

How can I transfer ownership of a domain (registered and hosted at my dreamhost account) to somebody else? I see options for transferring to another registrar but what about transferring ownership to another person?

“Ownership” is defined by the contents of the “whois” records, so you can effectively change ownership by simply editing the whois records (Registrant, Administrative Contact, etc.) from within the Control Panel.

Go to Control Panel -> Domains -> Registrations, select the check box for the domain you wish to change the owner for, and submit the form by clicking the “Modify Whois for Selected” submit button at the bottom of the page.

Edit the information on the resulting page(s), and the “owner” will now be as you have detailed with your edits.

Then, if you wish (you do not have to), you can “transfer” registration to a different registrar, renew it, etc. :wink:


That helps, thank you :slight_smile:

You are welcome, and I’m glad the information was helpful! :wink: