Transfer domain ownership

I purchased a domain for someone and I would like to transfer it to their control.

For moment I will continue to manage the domain, but I want to transfer the domain registration to someone else (but keep it at DH).

Does that make sense?

Is it as simple as changing the admin name on the whois information?

Yes, that is how I have done it in the past.

About all you can do is change the owner/admin details on the domain, but this is really only a cosmetic change as far as Dreamhost is concerned, any domain renewal registrations will be charged to your account. If you are using domain privacy you don’t need to change anything.

If you perform any sort of transfer it can only be away from Dreamhost to another registrar as far as I know. If you attempt to transfer the domain to another account on Dreamhost that the other person has control of, then you will lose DNS hosting services as well for the domain if they have not purchased hosting on that account.

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Another thing worth noting; I believe domains can only be transferred between DreamHost accounts by contacting support and asking them to do it. Also, there are restrictions on transferring domains between ‘promotional accounts’ (ie: accounts created using a promo-code).


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I’ve tried to transfer the registration of my .us domain, but dreamhost has the error Error: We can only transfer .com, .net, .org, and .info domains!

Kinda sucky