Transfer domain from Lunarpages to Dreamhost HELP

Hi, I just recently set up a new account to transfer my domain name from Lunarpages to Dreamhost.

I am having a bit of trouble trying to set my OLD website point to my NEW website.

website is:

any help would be appreciated, as I am trying to migrate over to Dreamhost out of Lunarpages.

I already went through the set-up to bring the domain to DH, and my account shows that the domain is active on DH, but when I go to my webpage, it takes me to the OLD website.



You have done everything correct so far so its not an issue on your end. The next step you would take is to create a Free “” sub-domain and mirror that domain… This can be done in the Manage Domains section. please take a look at this link here to see all the details on how to complete this process step by step:

Cedric H

I seem to be getting a new install of Wordpress on a dreamhost IP at that the URL above.

Since is showing that DNS is propagating, I suspect you changed the name servers on your domain and expected instant success, however DNS takes 12-24 hours typically to change or be updated. It also doesn’t happen worldwide at the same moment, as i’m writing this folks in Australia and New Zealand are still getting the old site, and most of the rest of the world should be getting the new.

PS – You don’t really need to create a mirror at that this point.

Moreover, it’s entirely unnecessary :wink:

The new site is resolving correctly in Australia now, by the way!