Transfer Domain from DH to DH

I did a search first, but didn’t manage to find an ‘exact’ answer.

What I’m trying to do is transfer a number of domains that i recently acquired using the 5 free domain registrations that I got with the package that I bought.
Simply put, I paid for hosting with a promo code that gave me 5 free domain regs.

What I’m trying to do is transfer the ownership of those 5 domains, I want to keep hosting with DH. But the ownership for those 5 domains are under my business’ name, I want them to be under my personal name. Basically I want to separate everything between the one master domain and the 5 I recently got.
I know this may sound confusing for those of you who look at this as probably one of the ‘basics’ of the dotcom ‘thing’… but I’m trying to figure out how do I do this?

I don’t mind buying another hosting package if thats what it will take for me to be able to seperate ownership of the domains and also have the registrar whois reflect the difference.

Why I am doing this. Initially, I got hosting with DH with a really nice package… I changed the DNS server info but didn’t transfer the registrar over to DH of my original domain. So, in that package deal i got 5 free domains…
I had some excellent brain farts one day, and was able to get some really good and relevant .coms and .nets! But, now that I’m thinking I need to have those new 5 domains ‘totally’ away from my original domain.
Thats why I’m asking do I need to do some kind of transfer from DH (account 1) to DH (account 2)? What would be a good solution?

Lastly… if a part of the solution consists of me purchasing another hosting account, whats the latest and greatest promo code? I used “Crazy Domain Insane” at the time of my initial sign up with DH, which offers more than a NooB like me could ever need :)… does somebody have a better one?

how weird is that… I just found a thread titled almost identical, but yet didn’t see this while doing a search!
I do apologize to the forum for a somewhat double posting.

I found this, will this work in my situation above… whats good is I have no DB, files to move or even mailboxes set up yet…LOL
This should work easily for me huh?

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From Support:

Here is the process to move your domain from one Dreamhost account to

  1. First, I need a confirmation e-mail sent from the account that the domain is currently on, stating that they wish for the domain to be transferred away to your specific account.

  2. Backup all your existing files/e-mails. We cannot transfer your files and mailboxes between accounts for you, but we can transfer over your MySQL databases. (note: if you wish to transfer over any databases,
    make sure you tell me the database names!)

  3. Have your domain’s hosting deleted from the old account in the “Manage Domains” page. Once this has been done, send me an e-mail at {the support reps email} and I’ll transfer the domain’s registration over to the new account.

  4. I’ll write you back telling you that I’ve transferred your domain’s registration and database over to the new account. Then, you can add your domain to be fully hosted again in the new account’s control panel, in the “Manage Domains” page, and then re-upload all your files and recreate your mailboxes. If you had MySQL databases transferred over, you’ll have to go to the “Manage MySQL” page under the “Goodies” tab and reassociate
    hostnames with the databases.

Also note that some downtime is unavoidable – it’s just what’s going to happen when you’re switching a domain’s DNS from one server to another. And yes, once you delete a domain and all its files, the diskspace will be “reclaimed” and available to write other data onto it again. It’s a
bit of a complex process, so let me know if you have any more questions!

{Support Rep’s Name}

Unless I read your initial post incorrectly (which I might have!) I don’t think that answer is really what you are looking for. :wink:

  1. If all you want to do is change the “registrant” on the domains (transfer the domain ownership), you can do that from within your existing account by just changing the whois information. :wink:

  2. It seems to me there is no need at all to have a another “hosting account”, as you can host as many different names as you want, and have them controlled by any number of users up to the number of users defined in your plan, for no additional cost on your present hosting plan.

  3. You can even assign WebID’s, and panel privileges, to these additional users under your existing plan.

The result is that you have different domains, “owned” (registered to) different entities, managed by different users with no additional plans/costs allowed - they will share bandwidth and storage quotas (DH’s are generally sufficeint for many sites!).

Finally, Promo codes are a “one-time-for-new-users-only” thing, and cannot be used to purchase an additional plan by a existing DH user. :wink:



here is my dilemma… the original account and is a joint venture with myself and a partner. We aren’t ready for development yet on that domain, so we haven’t even setup a DB, no uploaded files ever… in the mean-time, I got more domains, but under that initial account.
If this venture falls through… and the never pans out, I dont want my other domains to fall victim. Nor, would I want anyone else to have the ability to change/delete anything dealing with those other domains. Ofcourse, hind sight is 20/20, meaning if I had thought that I wouldn’t be able to move a domain from one account to another account, I wouldn’t have done this… but unfortunately I did. I want to stay with DH, or I could just transfer and keep ‘my’ domains.
So, I understand ‘changing’ the registrar info… but how does that insure that my domains (minus the original joint venture one) will be safe and under my control?
The fact that no DB or upload of files to these domains does mean that nothing was ever ‘hosted’ on DH right?

The problem you are running up against here is the DreamHost Promo Code programs rules that are designed to keep users from perpetually “churning” their domains through "new accounts with Promo Codes and avoiding ever paying DreamHost’s (very reasonable, IMO) standard hosting rates.

The matter is even further complicated in that your “free” domains are only “free” while you host with DreamHost, hence their “freeness” is forever tied to their hosted relationship under that “initial account”. Live and learn, I suppose.

None of this has anything to do, really, with the domain registrant (“owner”); you can “transfer” that at any time to another registrar (once you whois information is properly set), at which time you will have effectively separated them from the initial DH account. That account will now have “credit” allowing the registration of different “free” domains (to replace the ones transferred - note that is registration transfers) and those registrations will be “free” while the hosting plan is continued or until those domains registrations are transferred.

Your problem is the “joint venture” nature of your relationship with your partner on the management of that account. My suggestion is that you resolve that issue and accrue to yourself sole management of the account - that is the only way I see for you to prevent “anyone else to have the ability to change/delete anything dealing with those other domains”. :wink:

While I understand your situation a little better now, I still think you are possibly making it harder than it needs to be, and might be related to trying to “max” the “freebies” associated with the Promo at the expense of adequate control/flexibility of your domain registration/hosting. part of the confusion stems from your use of “transfer” and “keep”. As I said before, you can always modify the whois records so that only you can manage the domains in question, and then “transfer” their registration as you wish.

Note that this “transfer” is only involving domain ownership/management, and has nothing to do with any “transfer” of “hosting” between accounts/plans on DreamHost, or to any other potential host - that is another matter altogether :wink: .

ICANN rules are your protection there, as they require the participation/approval of the registrant or the administrative contact to effect transfers of ownership, registrars, or whois info. If you are the registrant, the billing contact, and the Administrative contact, you are “protected” in that only you can authorize or order registration changes.

Well, not really. Being “hosted” is more a description of an arrangement between you and a hosting organization than it is any such DB/upload/files presence distinction. When you “add” a domain to be “hosted” panel (or when it was added “automagically” in the setup of a hosting plan) and DH establishes a DNS record for it, it is “hosted” for the purposes of the DH rule regarding “inter-account” transfers. :wink:

The substance of the issue is that DH has to make sure that:

  1. Only the correct “account holder”, or their designee (see “priviliges”) manipulates the features of the account

  2. Registrations are handled according to ICANN rules

  3. The Promo Code benefit is used as intended: to give a “one time cheap preview” to someone wanting to check out DreamHost hosting.

They figure that once you have hosted a comain on DH, whether under another’s account or one you previously owned, you know the value afforded and can then decide whether their fees are justified. :wink: It’s the “cheap” bastards that will always try to “game” anything they can for “free” that caused them to implement this “once it is hosted here it can never be 'new” again" policy regarding domain hosting plans - but that has nothing to do with ICANN rules for transferring domain ownership.

Anecdotal evidence on these forums, and in the IRC channel, indicates that if you discuss this situation candidly with DH via the support system, and agree that “unearned” or “inappropriate” promo code usage is reversed or forgone, they may make an exception to the rule and allow an inter-account transfer of a previously hosted domain. This presume that only one of those accounts was created using a promo code, and people report having “mixed” success with such requests. I’m sure they will work with you as best they can. :wink:

The real arbiter of all of this is the DH staff; I’m just sharing what I have learned via interaction with others on these forums - you should initiate a dialog with DH on this whole issue, so that you can get your issues authoritatively addressed.


What about doing the opposite? That is, move the shared joint venture account into a new hosting account and keep all of the others in the original account? You can then talk your partner into converting that original account into your sole name (after starting that second account).

To amplify what rlparker has already said, I’m pretty sure you can transfer domains into a new account that is not a referral and doesn’t have a promo code. My suggestion above is to make sure that the joint venture account which may or may not work out is the one without any promotions - saving you the most money, personally.

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I like that idea! :slight_smile:

Actually, I just hope DH can get him straightened out!


Your post totally clears it up for me. It wasn’t DH’s prices and features that ‘solely’ convinced my partner and I to try DH… it was the help, and I mean DETAILED help covering the whole gamut of issues one could come across in reference to hosting here that actually convinced us… and me.
I agree, with DH features, plans, and extremely low cost for every thing in regards to hosting it makes no sense to try and ‘game’ them. And that wasn’t my intention, and I know u weren’t implying that towards me but Im glad you mentioned it because it sheds more light on the 'WHY", which helps one to understand the “REASON”.
I sincerely do thank you for explaining in such detail, itemized too…lol.

and lens:
What you said makes the most sense… practical sense. And thats what we are going to do. Thanks, that is my solution. I just wanted to be assured that my other domains would not suffer ‘if’ our relationship in this venture ever soured.

Last note, wouldn’t it be a good practice, because I’ve seen a number of sites who switch domains from account to account automated within the panel… if DH would just have within their scheme of things allow for switching domains from account to account, BUT it would adjust each account accordingly referencing promo code, new year for domain, etc… just seems like it should be able to be done, while making adjustments to each account in the transfer accordingly and automatically and then a final approval page with what will change and not change for the account holder per account… maybe they could even charge a small nominal fee just for the process.

This like your thinking. This is an area that inconveniences a lot of legitimate customers. I understand that promo account rolling is financially ruinous but if we could come up with a viable scheme that makes everyone happy, that would be great.

I’m guessing that DreamHost already gave some thinking to this problem and came up empty - either nothing they thought of would work or everything they came up with was too costly. Something like your idea or maybe just allowing people to open accounts with promo code-like features without the discount on an ala-carte basis at the same price that they are offered via promo codes - extra domain registrations, unique IP, extra disk and bandwidth. Hmm, this might be worth a “suggestion” on the suggestion page of the panel!

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yea, seems like it is doable… have their DH calculator just provide a page that reflects the calculations+changes in account “IF” acct#1 or #2 have promo codes, and no auto 1 yr renewal, with an accept button… automated… basically what ever time is left on the domain remains the same.

and a $5 re-stocking fee… lol

Dunno too much about what hammers servers or DBs or anything, maybe if a mass of people chose to do this could it cause server (pertaining to registrar) problems? Or maybe the DNS numbers or FTP… ofcourse I’m spewing NooB scenarios, but I’m just thinking about it practically vs the lack of tech. knowledge.