Transfer Domain & Email FROM GoDaddy

Hi there,

We need to transfer away from GoDaddy (IMAP is terrible there). We have 65 email accounts on a domain. I know how to transfer the domain but moving the email is a completely new thing to me. I know how to use Thunderbird to move the emails from old to new accounts but is there a way to do this in bulk?

Also, when I transfer the domain, will I still have access to the old email accounts? Or do I create new accounts at Dreamhost, create all of the accounts, and then transfer the domains?

Thank you,
David Smith

Using Dreamhost for email isn’t a good idea. They are more concerned with web hosting and cloud service rather than email.

I agree.

Unfortunately there is no free solution or really low cost option for 65 email accounts. Do yourself a favor tho and budget $4-5/month/user and get real business class email. No web hosting company (like dreamhost / go daddy) does email particularly well— it needs to be purchased as a separate service.