Transfer domain between accounts


Hello all, I want to transfer a domain name between two different account on DreamHost.

Could someone explain the correct steps to do this?

I have the mail service with Google Apps, will there any downtime?

I will appreciate any help, thanks and best regards.


I believe you’ll need DH staff help to do this, since I don’t think the domain can exist on two different accounts.

You can setup a account under a user account you want to transfer too. Then ftp the live files there. Transfer the db if needed and test. Then you have to delete the domain from the current/old account. Transfer the domain if needed.

I think it would be easier to have DH staff do it, if you can pay for the support.



I think you will find all the information you need for this on the wiki at


Hello all, I try to request the “Auth Code” on the “Reg. Transfer” tab, but I can get it.

Must I delete first the domain from the old account?

Thanks and best rergards.