Transfer current host to dreamhost

New to DreamHost as there is no cpanel like I familiar with, so transferring my WP websites to DreamHost is I can’t understand.(WiKi links didn’t understand, do not reply with DH Wiki links please)
These below steps are OK?

  1. add domain in manage domains section (click for fully hosting)
  2. then upload content from FTP
  3. then change DNS servers(DH) in domain registrar.
    That’s all I do?
    Is there any one used WordPress plugin to take backup and upload content via FTP to DreamHost?
    Please guide me, really need this in quick time… can’t afford to pay for two hosting accounts.

When you change the nameservers in step 3 remember that this is not an instant change. This is the way DNS works, propagation takes time and is not an instant change.

Thanks for the reply, just want to know if you did before/remember steps to moving old host to DH… especially WP sites using plugin/cpanel backup…
I struck in uploading files via FTP… means like 1st I add domain then upload content via FTP?
Can please give any link or instructions, appreciate


  1. I would create “” first.
  2. Then upload your site to this via FTP and make sure it all works smoothly.
  3. Create “yoursite.tld” as full-hosting on DreamHost
  4. Go in to FTP and move/copy all the files from to yoursite.tld
  5. You can now either delete or keep it for testing new features and future updates
  6. Update DNS settings with domain registrar
  7. Wait for DNS to fully point to DreamHost – approx 72H
  8. Fully test the site now works
  9. Delete your site at old host and cancel hosting service there

Thank you @monjo,
You explained very clearly, hope I do it successfully, thanks again for taking time to reply…