Transfer .com away


I can’t see how to transfer a .com address away from dreamhost’s DNS servers. Any clues?


I’m not completely sure what you are asking. Is Dreamhost the registrar for th e domain? Do you want to “transfer” the .com domain away from Dreamhost to a different registrar? Or, do you want to change the DNS to point the domain to servers other than Dreamhost.

The answer to your question depends on these issues.



I’d be happy to leave the domain registered with DH, but it seems I can’t set the A record on an ‘unhosted’ domain through your web panel.

Assuming I can’t do that, I’d like to transfer the registration away to a different company which will let me set the A record to whatever I want.


I can see your problem! Have you contacted support about this? They may be able to show you a way to modify the A record, or do it for you (though I understand that might not be acceptable, as you may need/want the ability to change it yourself).

To transfer the domain to another registrar, just initiate the transfer from the new or receiving registrar’s site (assuming, or course, you have checked that the new registrar has a way for you to get at the A record!).



Right. I tried to transfer the domain away by going to, setting up an account with them, and initiating the transfer.

They came back saying the transfer failed, and that DH wouldn’t give up the name.


Wow. I guess it is going to require interaction with support, because I have not encountered this with Dreamhost before. I suppose the name could be “locked”, but I wasn’t even aware that Dreamhost offerred that option. Will you let us know what you find out from suppport?



Is this a newly registered or transferred domain?

If the domain was registered or transferred within the past 60 days, it can’t be transferred.