Transfer Bandwidth Allowed?

Ok it says we get 8 gigs of bw per week.
An old host I had used to say we get bla gig per month… We were only allowed to use 1.something gigs per day.

My question is that the site says it adds 8 gigs per week.

So does that mean that if I just say 1024 megs 1 week I still have the remaining 7 plus 8 gigs?

Or is it I use the 1 gig and start over at 8 gigs per week?

Thanks for answering this if possible.

First one. They really do increase allowed bandwidth per week, eg from 8 to 16 to 24 so on. I’m not sure when they increase the bandwidth limit, just be aware overage is charged at the end of the billing cycle.

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You get 1TB of bandwidth a month meaning around 250GB per week. But you get an extra 8GB of bandwidth a week added meaning an increase of 32GB a month to your 1TB.

So for example after a couple of months of using Dreamhost my bandwidth limit is now 1216 GB a month.

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