Transfer away from DreamHost

I just need to know how to do a few things. I have to move from Dreamhost to GoDaddy. Reasons not relevant. Taken care of on the GoDaddy site. Can not seem to change old email registration on WHOIS through Dreamhost. Tried 6 times. Says it changed, but has not. GoDaddy cannot pick up change. This seems to be the only way to transfer.

Am I missing something in the process? If it is the privacy setting, I have I thought dropped that as well.

I am getting frustrated with the process. Help please. If it were the other way around I would call GoDaddy and they would walk me through it. Seems I can not do that with Dreamhost without paying a fee.


First things first. DNS changes are NOT instant. DNS propagation takes time. The first think you should do is set the nameservers to godaddy’s. Once that change propagates you will be in business.

If you want to transfer the actual registration there are detailed instructions here: