Transfer and reg of

Hi all,
Is there some where that tells me how to register and transfer the hosting to dreamhost of a domain?

i can’t find anything in the wiki and all i can find is sites with people screaming how difficult it is.

Is there a step by step guide somewhere?



You cannot register a domain at DreamHost, though you can host it here as long as you can set the nameservers to DreamHost’s nameservers. The reason you cannot register it at DreamHost is because DreamHost is only a registrar for the .com, .org, .net, and .info TLDs (Top Level Domains).

–DreamHost Tech Support

Thanks for the reply.

That sounds simple enough but i have never done it before. (not even the domain i already host here)
Does anyone know where i can find info on doing that?

Or who to register the domain with? (whoever is easiest.) I’m not looking to save money just to get it done right.



The DreamHost part is easy. The more complex part is how the .uk registrar handles it. Bottom line is that you need to register the domain and when you do that, set the name servers to, ns2…, ns3… This step varies with the registrar used.

Once it’s registered (or even before), you can create your fully hosted domain here and it’ll be reachable in a few days once DNS propagates.


Hi thanks for that.

Do you suggest anyone i should use (or are you not allowed)

So far its sounding easier than i’m sure i’ll find it.

I just don’t want to register a name then find its stuck and i cant use it for 3 years!



I don’t have any experience with registering .uk domains. However, if it’s anything like here, if you turn out to hate the registrar, you can transfer your registration to another after 60 (or 90?) days.