Transfer a domain registration to DreamHost

Did anybody succeed in transferring domain to

I have one .info domain but get this error:

Internal Error: Unable to check domain availability at this time. Please try again later!

From the error message, it appears that they are unable to lookup .info domains at the present. I just tested it, and I got the same message.

The system is able to lookup .com, .net, and .org domains … I suspect there is a problem connecting to the main registry for .info.

Like the message says, you should try again at a later time. I’ve seen this happen before, and it is usually temporary (and for a short time). I think it is far more likely to be a problem with the registry than it is with the DreamHost Panel (considering that the other TLDS don"t present a similar problem).

Of course, you can always generate a support ticket, but I would wait awhile first, and see if it corrects itself.


Thanks for reply. I did contact support yesterday, but got no response.

Patience… :slight_smile: