Tranfer domain from another DH user?



How should I initiate the transfer of a domain from one dreamhost user to another?

In other words I am buying a domain from somebody and the current registrar is dreamhost and the reigistrar I use is dreamhost too.

thanks in advance for your help.


If you are just changing the registrant, admin. tech or billing details the owner of the domain can do that from the registration panel>modify whois. But it will still remain on the other persons account so you may have to do a joint support request to have it moved it from one account to the another.

Then once it is moved you can change the whois, if you want, from the privacy whois to your own whois details.

The other person may have to quote the security code next to the domain in his list of domain(s).


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Just a quick note that if you’re connected with the other account via promo code or referral, you’re probably not going to be able to move the hosting to your account.

Even if both accounts used promo codes/referrals, but there is no connection, I’d guess that support might have to manually push things through somehow.

I never did that before, so I’m not sure. I can just picture the promo code detection system getting triggered at some point though, so I’d probably expect to need support’s help at some point.

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