I have just brought a blog from here the dashboard does not show how many visits the site has had, it gives no data at all about that. Where can I find it, or do I have to add a plug-in? thanks for your help

welcome! I guess you got used to what WordPress does automatically to integrate with some Analytics (I believe they use Google Analytics). Have you setup Google Analytics already for your site? Depending on your needs, it may be a valuable exercise.

If all you want are simple statistics, you can use DreamHost’s provided stats: follow instructions on

This guide recommends not using wordpress stats plugins and use Google Analytics instead:

Let us know if you need specific help on how to setup Google Analytics

to be honest I thought I had purchased a good hosting platform, one that would be easy to follow. I was used to the dashboard and now find I am missing a lot of things that came automatically in that dashboard. Also my media library was not exported with the xml file. I have contacted wordpress about this, but no answer, without my files, my site here is worthless. has implemented a bunch of little tweaks for a set of customers that is slightly different from DreamHost customers. Here you find more flexibility at the expense of more knowledge necessary. They’re just different products. Why are you leaving And which product are you getting at DreamHost (are you on DreamPress or shared hosting)?

Either way, all you need is an account on Google Analytics and this plugin (or JetPack

I don’t know what failed in the migration… sorry I can’t help you much there.

Word press suspended my blog, they gave me no reason as to why, so I brought it over here, I am not a computer nerd, just a normal lady trying to get a story across of how I and others have been stalked online by a bunch of trolls. Thanks for the links, I shall look at them in depth later on. Have a good weekend.