Tracks installation questions

Hi, I’ve been attempting to install Tracks ( to my website, but I’m a bit stuck and could use some advice.

My website is mainly a wordpress install, and I have a few other one-click installs in subdirectories that I can access via, etc. I was hoping to do the same thing with Tracks, so I installed it to mainsite/public/tracks.

The installation occurred without errors, but now I don’t know how to set up .htaccess to redirect “mainsite/tracks” requests to tracks. Tracks installed it’s own tracks/public directory with its own .htaccess file, but I’m not sure how or if to merge that with the main site’s .htaccess file. I’ve never managed a ROR program before, so without an index.html file I’m not even quite sure what URL to use.

Any advice or pointers? Thanks very much!