I would just like to know if it is okay to install a tracker on a website hosted at Dream Host.
I am transferring my website from a small hosting company on which I had the BT tracker as well.
The tracker has minimal CPU usage as it only used for clan members to share their large files. Currently, there are less than 50 members, but we don’t think it can go 500+ anytime in the future.
The previous host only supported 500 websites and last month the downtime was just too much for us, so change is required for us.
I am even willing to pay extra if CPU usage or server has an issue etc.
Thank you

Will it be a resident application always running ?
If so, you can’t install it (like streaming shoutcast)

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Really have no real knowledge of Trackers and Shoutcast etc. The admin of the website says it can be turned on or off at certain times and track the stats at a specifically set time interval. We used to have an interval of 1 min before the stats were updated… not per second like many other torrent websites… I am pretty sure he can change it to a larger time interval as well… The method was specifically used to lower the CPU usage not only for the server but for faster and better performance (uptime)… 24/7

BitTorrent clients are specifically forbidden by the DreamHost TOS, but I am not sure on their policy towards BT trackers. Your best option would be to ask DreamHost directly using the contact form linked below;


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Will contact Support…

please report back what they say, many here ask about trackers and it would be cool to know the official policy.

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They said:

I’m sorry for the bad news, but Bit-torrent processes of any sort are not permitted on our server. Please review our Persistent Process Policy here:

And our terms of service:


Afterwards, I contacted a number of other hosts as well and most of them said it is not a problem as long as they don’t have to do any installation from their side (server side installations). And they all have 60 day or 30 day money back guarantee as well. I am going to check their service right now. If I don’t like their uptime or anything like etc, I won’t be bound to stay with them. I will be paying on a month-to-month basis. If you need to know the other hosting companies, just google “hosting” and millions of them will come up. Most of them offer very low disk space and bandwidth (around 1-10GB) for $7 etc… but if you would like those with more, just let me know…

TX for posting that. I dont want to run a tracker myself, but now we know the official policy next time someone asks.

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To tell you the truth Mojo, I dont even know if what I am requiring is BT tracker. All I know is that it allows the members to attach a .torrent file and the file is not hosted on the server. Tracker keeps the stats updated for all files. This came as is with phpBB forum… Alot of people do some installations and all that stuff to set up trackers… but this one is not requiring any of that… no server side applications. it just has an updated layout of phpBB forum and uses MySQL to store the data. I think Dreamhost should revise their policy because our whole point of using such a service is to help our host and ourselves reduce the bandwidth usage and disk space usage. Also, if we store our huge files on the server, the download speed often is maximum 50kb/sec which is far less than when we use P2P. When they do, let me know and I would love to join :wink:

I think DH is doing this for all the users on a server. DH may be afraid that your application uses too much resources and other users on the same server will suffer.

If you are sure that yours is different from BT and does not slow the server, maybe you can send them another ticket and try to convince them like what you posted here.

You never try, you never know :stuck_out_tongue:

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There are those who would argue that “the whole point” of offering public torrent tracking is about a good deal more than that. :wink:

The whole Bittorrent/tracker argument / discussion is an old one on these forums. I support Dreamhost’s position on such things completely.

The fact is, now matter how you characterize it, or how you implement it, torrent tracking is brutal on CPU usage, and sites that deal primarily in them are magnets for heavy usage, which is not a good thing for the general population of a “shared” server.

I’m in favor of offering all the torrents you want from your own box, where the traffic, potential DCMA issues, and general problems involved with such things are yours, and yours alone, to deal with - there is no reason to subject others sharing your hosting environment to such stuff.

It’s not like the internet needs another torrent tracking site - there are plenty out there for those who need them. The bottom line, to me, is that this is DH’s “house”, where they make the rules and those who don’t like them do need to rent a room. As you pointed out, there are other hosts out there that handle this differently, so it is not like you don’t have a choice and are having your options limited in any way. :slight_smile: